An operating system for your employee benefits.

Year round benefits administration - not just an open enrollment tool.

Manage everything on one dashboard.

We give you and your employees online access to all of their benefits through a beautiful, easy to understand benefits portal and an award winning mobile app. Every bit of information you’ll need is a click away.

From your employer portal, you can:

  • Review coverage status
  • View payroll deductions
  • Manage HRA, HSA, and Commuter Benefits
  • Submit a question to your concierge
  • Monitor employee progress
  • Send individual or bulk messages, save templates, and track opens and clickthrough rates
Screenshot of administration 1

Screenshot of administration 2

Manage everything on one dashboard.

Our lifestyle-based packaging is easy-to-understand and gets rid of the typical “decision exhaustion” methodology of the past, providing more refined decision support at key points in the process and educational videos to help employees choose the right products for them.

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