With our HR Software, your HR processes become simple, effective, and truly scalable.

From qualified events to payroll deduction changes, everything happens instantly with the click of a mouse.

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All the features you need, (and some you don't even know you need)

All the reports you need at your fingertips.

Our library of reports tackles everything you need to stay in compliance and run your company. From the ACA employer mandates to payroll deductions, we keep your data safe and sound while providing you access whenever you need it.

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Organzine your workforce the way you see fit.

Every company is different. With our software, you can group employees however you want. Based on what group the employee is in, you can send custom communications, set up deductions or create custom workflows.

Group Employees by:

  • Job Title
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Department
  • And more to organize your workforce the way you see fit!

Let our concierge handle your employee’s benefit questions and concerns.

Your HRIS should be more than just a parking lot for your employee data—it should be the central hub for all of your HR systems, from payroll to health insurance. With Ashton Benefits, you get an HRIS that actually does stuff.

Keep on top of your benefits package online and on your mobile phone.

Give your employees access to all of their HR info and all the tools they’ll need to manage it themselves—100% online and paperlessly.

Your employees will love Ashton Benefits

The Ashton Benefits platform allows me to:

  • …view and use my ID cards on my phone
  • …submit benefits questions and upload pictures on confusing bills
  • …add dependents to insurance
  • …view Insurance plans, pricing, and details
  • …check in on my wellness reward dollars

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