Keeping Your Employees Healthy = Saving Money

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About the Wellness Program

You care about your employees and you also care about your bottom line. Our mobile app includes a turnkey wellness program that your employees will actually use

  • Easily fund your rewards account with one or multiple company credit/debit cards within the HR Administrator interface of the Maxwell platform
  • Specify exactly how much you want to put toward rewards, and pre-fund your account in order to let employees choose how they want to spend their coins
  • Offer gift cards at dozens of name brand retailers like Amazon, Lowe’s, Nike, Sephora, Starbucks, Target
  • Offer donation rewards to several non-profit organizations, including Clean Water Fund, Girls Who Code, National Parks Foundation
  • Many of our carrier partners want to keep your employees healthy too and will even give you a fund to pay for your program!
Wellness Program Screenshot 1

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How does it work?

  1. Connect through the Manage Rewards tab of the Administrative interface
  2. Enter credit/debit card information
  3. Select amount of funds you would like to make available for reward redemption
  4. Employees earn points through moving more and being active, as tracked through their connected fitness device. The minimum steps to earn any points within a 24 hour period is 5,000 steps. After that:
    • 100 steps = 1 point
    • 500 points = 1 coin / 50,000 steps = 1coin
    • 2 coins = $10 in redeemable rewards
    • Earn a daily bonus: 7,000 steps (24 hour period) = +10 points for that day or 10,000 steps (24 hour period) = +20 points for that day

Employees use their points to redeem for the reward of their choice in increments of $10 (which equals two coins). When employees redeem a reward through the mobile app, they will receive an automated email with an e-code for their selected reward vendor, and two coins will be deducted from their earned coin total.