Ashton Benefits has compliance experts, who will ensure you don't get sidelined by unforeseen employer obligations. We'll help your people managers stay on track and prioritize documentation.
  • Compliance Review & Checklist

    Ashton will conduct an audit and maintain a tracker which follows all relevant compliance obligations you may have, including:

    • ACA requirements
    • COBRA coverage
    • Medicare Part D
    • Federal and IRS reporting obligations
    • HIPAA
    • Plan document and notification rules
    • Requirements under select state regulations and local ordinances
  • Compliance Updates

    Ashton provides on new regulations and upcoming compliance items, so your team always knows when there are changes or deadlines:

    • Compliance alerts (for recent compliance changes)
    • A monthly newsletter (to keep your team updated and tasks prioritized)
    • A year-end compliance reminder (we'll help you dot your i's and cross your t's and ensure nothing gets lost in the year-end shuffle)

  • Documentation & Form Preparation

    Our compliance experts are happy to work with your people managers to prep documents and forms for your team:

    • IRS Form 5500 preparation
    • Wrap Summary Plan Description (SPD)
    • HIPAA Policy & Procedures Manual
    • Qualified Medical Child Support Order Procedures

  • HR Team Consultant

    We'll ensure your internal team has everything they need to keep compliance up to date:

    • In-person seminar which covers a range of issues, including those specific to working online
    • Monthly webinars based on both general best practices and new features or regulations

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