Cost Containment

With the always growing market of cost-containment programs and initiatives that are available to employers, it can be a overwhelming task to identify the best. Ashton constantly works to identify a select group that offer powerful savings and are plug and play solutions for any self-insured health plan.
  • Data Analytics

    This data analytics program aggregates data, including data from medical and Rx claims, biometrics, and clinics and wellness programs. The Health Intelligence Platform helps employers identify immediate savings opportunities, engage the right members, and predict future spending.

  • COBRA Advocacy Program

    Estimated Savings: 4-8%

    This referral program provides employees who separate from employment an avenue to learn about, shop for and enroll in alternatives to COBRA. The program can reduce COBRA enrollment, subsequently eliminating claims costs incurred by COBRA participants.

  • Medicare Advocacy Program

    Estimated Savings: 2-4%

    An independent insurance brokerage with a tailored program to educate the consumer about their options with Medicare and a Medicare Supplement policy in a transparent manner.

  • RX Referral Program

    Estimated Savings: 2-4%

    This program continually scans the claims and identifies when a lower-cost drug equivalent is available. When a lower cost medication with equal efficacy is identified, the program contacts the member’s physician, educates them on the cost savings to the member and plan, and requests permission to change the prescription. With the provider’s approval, they will reach out to the plan member, inform them that their provider authorized a change in prescription, and encourage them to try the lower cost drug.

  • Surgical Networks and Direct Provider Contracting

    Estimated Savings: 5-15%

    Direct contracting helps connect plan members with health care providers who offer transparent bundled prices for services including lab, imaging and surgery. Employers can expect to save 45% on services on average and employees get access to the care they need for $0.

  • Cancer Support Program

    Estimated Savings 2-10%

    Under this program, a member is immediately paired a plan participant with a care coordinator to help navigate all aspects of treatment and care. With the guidance of the program, patients will be placed into appropriate treatment protocols with access to the Cancer Centers of Excellence Network, access to clinical trials, and oversight by oncology experts

  • Labor and Delivery Program

    Estimated Savings: 2-4%

    Every new parent needs diapers and wipes. Employers can offer to provide these necessities to plan participants who deliver a baby at a designated high-value facility. Each time a participant chooses a high value facility over a high cost facility, it can provide savings to both the employee and the plan

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